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Virtual Advisors for College Admissions

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A new nonprofit program called CollegePoint,, funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, is working to assist the one-quarter of high achieving, low-income students navigating the college application process alone. CollegePoint contacts potential candidates directly, pinpointing those low-income high school students that do well on the PSAT or SAT, and matches them to a virtual advisor.

Each advisor is either a current college student, or a recent college graduate, from top schools across the country and provides personalized college application and financial aid support for free over an entire year.

As anyone who has attended college understands, the application and financial aid process can be stressful and overwhelming for those of us with supportive, financially stable families.

But for first-generation college kids, families that don’t speak English as a primary language, and for those kids that cannot rely on family finances to pay for college – high achievement and strong work ethic does not always translate to college success. The goal of the CollegePoint program is to help these gifted students go to schools that match their intellectual abilities and select the school that is right for their individual circumstances.

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