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Looking Back After A Year of College, Part 2

by Shannon Lee Clair, Princeton University Class of ‘09

Shannon homeschooled from second grade through high school in Los Angeles, CA. This is the second of a series of articles reflecting on her experiences homeschooling and making the transition to college.

The noise in the room was overwhelming. In the centre, under the dim, pink light, a circle of partiers was drunkenly singing Bohemian Rhapsody and snatches of other classic rock-n-roll. Ridiculous laughter and shouted conversations, enlivened by various specially named drinks full of vodka and Bacardi, filled the rest of the room. As the hour progressed, other “Street” goers began to crowd into the room, bringing with them a cloud of headache inducing smoke.

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Students who don’t want debt should occupy desk at MC

As the cost of education continues to grow, one might question who’s really at fault for a student’s accumulated debt: the institutions that impose higher tuition or the students that choose to attend those institutions? This article questions the decisions of those students involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement who are now jobless and unable to pay back the extreme debt that they acquired through attending prestigious universities. The cost of attending a school like Harvard University, which lists the cost of attending their school for one year at $56,000 to $60,000 is compared to a school like Midland College in Texas that costs less than $1,000 for 72 credit hours.

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