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Reflections of a Homeschooled Girl

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by Elizabeth M. Wrobel

Myth: Homeschooling Is Socially Unacceptable

Reality: Homeschooling for some people is new and different. For my family and myself, it is a way a life. In the early 80’s my brother and sister started traditional schooling at a public school. After a couple of years my mother began to homeschool them. My aunt and grandmother lived next door. They had never heard of teaching children at home. Knowing that my parents were well educated, they were not concerned about the quality of education, but were concerned that my brother and sister would lack the proper social skills. In spite of their concerns, my parents continued to homeschool proving it can be done, and with very successful results!

Childhood Comparisons

My brother, sister, and I have multifarious goals and accomplishments. When comparing my childhood to each of theirs, several things come to mind. We all went to day camp. We all took dancing and piano lessons. I have done a lot of traveling – they did not. They helped build a house — I did not. Both my brother and sister had a paper route — I wrote a collection of poetry. My brother mowed lawns. My sister worked at a bank. I am submitting short stories to magazines. Although we were raised and taught in the same family atmosphere, my brother, sister, and I are unique individuals with different childhood experiences.

The Basket Case

I was introduced to the art of basket weaving at age eight when my local library offered classes. I enjoyed it so much that, when I was fourteen, I took adult classes. Most of the weavers would weave baskets with the kits offered for the class. I wanted to start changing patterns and creating my own designs. My parents encouraged me to make each intricate basket special for the individual who was receiving it. The homeschool attitude that promotes creativity and exploration allowed me to take basket weaving a step further. I designed a basket for a friend to give to a country music group when she was able to go back stage at one of their concerts. I was extremely surprised to receive a personally written thank you note from them.

My Writing Success

Because I am homeschooled, I am not limited to criteria determined by the school board. My parents are very encouraging of my talents and desires. I have the freedom to explore and experiment with different types and styles of writing, allowing me to create one that is truly my own voice. I wrote a book of poetry, “Follow Your Heart” at sixteen. I am self-publishing it with the help of my parents. The reaction to my poetry has been very positive.

Successful Results

My brother has a Master of Science degree and is a chemical engineer. My sister has a Bachelor of Science degree and is a computer programmer. Both have very promising careers and are currently working on their Master of Business Administration degrees. Because they were homeschooled, my brother and sister did not have to follow the crowd. They were able to discover their own individuality. Now it’s my turn to discover myself! I am eighteen and currently taking college courses through distance learning. I will follow my heart by writing and starting my own company. Homeschooling has allowed me the time to discover my talent that has touched the hearts of many and hopefully the hearts of hundreds, thousands, or even millions more in the future.

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