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College, Homeschool Style

by Rachel Phillips

[Editor’s Note: Skidmore’s University Without Walls is closing in May. We chose to re-print this article from 2007 as an overview of the college experience in general. Currently, UMASS, Amherst offers a UWW program, as do other institutions around the country.]

Since the time I was a teenager homeschooling through the high school years, I have been perennially asked, “What will you do about college?” When people ask me now about my college experience, I tell them: “Before attending college, I was homeschooled in the San Francisco Bay Area from second grade through high school. I attended community college a number of years, then transferred to Skidmore College — a small liberal arts school in upstate New York. Although I graduated from Skidmore in May 2007, I did not consider myself to be done homeschooling. I think of myself as having homeschooled through college, and I expect to continue my homeschooling approach to learning throughout my adult life.” As you can probably imagine, my answer leads to more questions.

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