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National College Planners – the Fast Track Through the Admissions Hoops!

Jan 15th, 2015 | By | Category: Articles, Blog, college for homeschoolers, college preparation

By Alexis Kindig

The college admission and financial aid application processes can be overwhelming, perhaps especially so for home high-schoolers who don’t have access to a guidance counselor.

There are so many choices to make, so many forms to fill out, and so much information to gather, it all gets very stressful very quickly.

• And how do you know you applied to the right schools?

• Did you make any mistakes on your financial aid applications?

• What if there’s money out there that you didn’t know you were eligible for?

National College Planners exists to help students and their parents navigate the maze of college and financial aid applications, and to help ensure that their client students get into a college that is a good match for them and that they get all the financial aid possible.

• They first get to know each student through a series of in-depth personal interviews

• Then decide which colleges are a good match for a student’s goals and personality;

• What majors and careers are appropriate; and

• How much and what kinds of financial aid the student is eligible for.

To eliminate as much stress as possible and allow the student to focus on other things (like admissions essays), the staff at NCP will fill out all financial aid forms with information supplied by the family, from the FAFSA (which is over 200 in-depth questions) to individual college financial aid forms. And speaking of admissions essays, they’ll help the student come up with fresh ideas and then proofread the result. Each college application is also reviewed for accuracy.

Jason Youngblood, founder and owner of National College Planners, has years of expertise helping students apply to college and getting the financial aid they are entitled to. It started when he was in college himself. He had started his own tutoring service, and one of his student’s parents asked if he would help with their child’s college application. The student got in, but the family couldn’t afford it. Youngblood, in an effort to keep future clients from such a fate, decided to branch out. He now has a certification in college planning from UCLA and years of real-world experience.

Youngblood says that all students are eligible for some amount of financial aid, even if they think their family’s income is too high to qualify. The money is out there, but it requires some legwork and savvy to get. “You have to know to where to look, what forms to complete, and what mistakes to avoid,” he says.

National College Planners is located in Westlake Village, CA. For more information on how they can help your student get into an appropriate school without breaking the bank, visit AK

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