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Looking Back After A Year of College, Part 2

by Shannon Lee Clair, Princeton University Class of ‘09

Shannon homeschooled from second grade through high school in Los Angeles, CA. This is the second of a series of articles reflecting on her experiences homeschooling and making the transition to college.

The noise in the room was overwhelming. In the centre, under the dim, pink light, a circle of partiers was drunkenly singing Bohemian Rhapsody and snatches of other classic rock-n-roll. Ridiculous laughter and shouted conversations, enlivened by various specially named drinks full of vodka and Bacardi, filled the rest of the room. As the hour progressed, other “Street” goers began to crowd into the room, bringing with them a cloud of headache inducing smoke.

“Well,” I thought to myself, after wrapping up an interesting, but gradually descending conversation, “it’s time to go.” And so I left the cast party (in celebration of a theatre production wrap-up), to return to my peaceful, quiet room and my studious, quiet roommate, who was just closing her computer and getting ready for bed.

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Admissions office launches VIP program

High school students in the city of Baltimore will now be eligible to be nominated by Towson University students, alumni, and employees, including all University-affiliated service staff, for a VIP Program launched by Towson University. Nominated students will receive express TU application service, direct access to admissions counselors, and an application fee waiver. Nominated students will also be required to complete a VIP card to Towson University by the application deadline, Feb. 15, 2012.

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