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Employment Applications and Your Transcripts

Jul 10th, 2019 | By | Category: Blog

As soon after graduation as possible, you will want to order your official transcripts, just to have them on hand for employers who require them as part of the employment application process. The transcript must be ordered by the student or family member, showing proper identification of the student – not a third party.

Typically, an unofficial transcript (one that does not contain the institution’s seal and is not in a sealed envelope) can be submitted while waiting for the official transcript to arrive from the institution. This can be a downloaded copy or a grade report, as long as it contains all coursework, grades, transfer credits, GPA and any other information pertinent to your undergrad or grad work.

To obtain an official transcript, begin by contacting the Registrar. You can usually do this process online. You must not have any outstanding debt to the college or university and you will have to complete a form and provide multiple forms of I.D. There is a federal law (FERPA) that requires institutions of higher education to provide transcripts and records to students who cannot make the request in person, due to living far from the institution, for example.

While you’re at it, if you don’t have your diploma, you will want to request it as well. Many high-end employers require proof of graduation as well as official transcripts as part of their employment application process.

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