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A little more than 19 million students were enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities in fall 2016, according to the latest estimates from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. That represents a decline of 1.4 percent compared with fall 2015.

California, the nation’s largest state, also has the most students enrolled in higher-education —more than 2.5 million.

Here are the 10 states that had the most students enrolled in fall 2016 in degree-granting colleges and universities.


1 California 2,504,626
2 Texas 1,455,418
3 New York 1,120,904
4 Florida 1,026,229
5 Pennsylvania 688,220
6 Illinois 634,719
7 Ohio 609,591
8 Michigan 536,389
9 North Carolina 523,726
10 Virginia 499,313


Our Learning Folio

Two of the most important non-teaching aspects of homeschooling are planning and record-keeping. A well-thought-out plan can make acquiring materials and teaching them much easier and more efficient. After completion, the years and studied subjects slip by much too rapidly and before a parent knows it – it is time for high school or college admissions and time to create the often-dreaded t-r-a-n-s-c-r-i-p-t, which is a pretty scary endeavor for the ill-prepared.  The creators of Our Learning Folio have created a web-based software program to help parents plan their instructional journey and begin preparing for the Day of the Transcript from Day One.

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The 12 Most Common “Transcript Transgressions”

Committed by Home School Parents When Applying For College


All parents who home educate their children must prepare a written statement that summarizes academic achievements during the teen years. While there are no specific format requirements for the high school transcript, a little bit of knowledge about the process and necessary contents will help you avoid 12 common impediments to producing unimpeachable credentials.

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Los Angeles Daily News: “Dead end law — State Dream Act likely to prove costly”

Following Gov. Jerry Brown’s approval of Assembly Bill 130 which gave illegal immigrants the right to access and apply for private scholarships and loans, a new bill has attracted just as much attention, both positive and negative. The newly proposed Assembly Bill 131, if passed, would allow undocumented college students to apply for state-funded scholarships and financial aid, accounting for 1 percent of Cal Grant funds to help 2,500 who would qualify for such aid. The controversy lies in helping undocumented students during the state’s financial crisis, despite these students having passed high school with a desire to further their education.

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Private Colleges Getting Boost From Budget Woes At Public Universities

There is a growing trend of students attending private universities over public universities from a number of effects stemming from a rise in the cost of California’s UC and CSU public education system. Although private schools typically have the reputation of costing more, they are now attracting more students with generous scholarship packages that, when factored in with the alternative public school expenses (such as the cost of housing), make private schools more affordable. Interestingly, private schools have been admitting about the same number of applicants as before, but are now being chosen by more students.

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