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Bachelor Degrees in Less Than 4 Years Save Money and Time

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By Emerson Sandow, College Transcripts,

Brief Overview

For students wishing to save money on college tuition and other expenses associated with obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree, many colleges and universities offer 3-year Bachelor’s degrees using a variety of alternative credit means. Some are Advanced Placement (AP) courses in high school; dual enrollment high school/college credits; proficiency exams for foreign language requirements and some other lower level courses, and other specialized credit for credit avenues. Search for the institutions of your choice and see what they offer. Many such schools also offer online degree programs that require no class attendance at all. Here are a few:

Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, N.H.

SNHU offers “Degree in 3”, which is a 3-year Bachelor of Science in Business degree by having the student spend 3 years of study in the classroom and what amounts to one year of hands-on business work – networking, internships, case studies, etc., blended into the 3 years. Tuition is 25% less than a 4-year degree or you can earn a Master’s in 4 years, using the same approach.

University of Houston at Victoria

Degree in Three (Dn3) – The UHV Degree in Three (Dn3) program allows you to earn a complete bachelor’s degree in just three years, through a structured program that requires summer classes only during the first year. Dn3 is offered in the following degrees: Communication, Criminal Justice, English, History, or Psychology. The program also offers international travel as part of the standard curriculum.


Lake Erie College and Cleveland Marshall School of Law 3+3 J.D.

By enrolling in this program in the Cleveland area, students will have the opportunity to complete both bachelor’s and law degrees in just six years instead of the traditional seven years necessary to complete four years of undergraduate studies and three years of law school. Under this partnership, enrolled students will receive their undergraduate degree from Lake Erie College after completing their first year of Juris Doctor Studies at Cleveland-Marshall.


Lake Forest College also offers a 3+3 BA/JD Program with a number of law schools

Hofstra, John Marshall and Loyola are 3 of the Law Schools working with Lake Forest College, 30 miles north of Chicago. Visit the website for details on each law school’s requirements.

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