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I recently heard a talk by a consultant to college students about some of the advantages of each of the big college entrance tests – the ACT and the SAT.

The presenter stated a wide variety of facts about the two exams, but one thing that jumped out at me, that I want to share with you, is the following:

The ACT Science section is not really “science” in the hard science realm. Students that are strong in Math and Science will be disappointed, especially if they are planning to pump up their overall score with the Science section. The Science section counts as only 1/4 of the total score.

The presenter said the Science section is really more of another Reading section. Further, he stated that the ACT is better for strong English & Reading students. So, the prospective college applicant should consider what his/her strengths are, consider which test is given more weight for the colleges s/he is applying to, and then take the test that best suits those strengths.

On the other hand, the presenter stated that the SAT is better for Science/Math people because the Science part is 1/3 of the score and it is actually science and math that such a person can really do well on. Again, the applicant should find out which test the colleges give more weight to and factor that into his/her decision. Good luck in your research!

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