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Unique & Valuable Scholarships Providing Some College Tuition

by Kathleen Carter |

Nearly 40 million Americans (1) have an average of around $30,000 in student debt. Not exactly the graduation gift our graduates are looking for… I have seen so many wonderful scholarship opportunities that may not get as much publicity as they should, so I decided to create a list and share it! They are all fun, unique opportunities that may give students a chance at financial assistance who may not have otherwise had it.

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Homeschool Your Way to More Money for College

By Nancy Paul,

Merit scholarships are the misunderstood solution to lowering college costs and empowering our students with validation for their accomplishments. Awarded for all types of achievements, merit scholarships celebrate our kids’ talents and uniqueness.

Many of the activities that homeschooled students pursue position them for more merit aid – money for college based on achievement.

Students in all financial situations can win merit scholarships. Unlike loans, scholarships never have to be paid back. The power of merit aid is that students win money for college based on their own efforts.

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What Really Happens on College Campuses?

Early preparation equals success

By Carolyn Croom Baker, Achievement

Jessica’s graduation party was like many May – June events. She was heading off to her dream college with a merit scholarship. There were congratulatory cards and commendations for a job well done. Her college educated parents thought they had done all the right things. They had shepherded her through high school AP courses, extra-curricular awards, international study programs, and college enrichment since eighth grade. Everyone expected a college success story.

Freshman year was a challenge for Jess. She didn’t quite adjust to the campus culture, climate, or academic expectations. She made a few new friends, but not like those back home. Although she was 900 miles away, no one worried about distance, since she had spent two high school summers studying abroad. Sophomore classes were more challenging still. Navigating campus social life was something for which she had no experience. Her mom had always helped with social questions. Jess called home daily. She was slipping slowly.
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Tips on Preparing Ahead of Time for College Entrance — Excerpt from CollegePlus’ Ebook “From Homeschool to Grad School”

I’m a homeschool high school graduate. My mom was always a little worried about homeschooling us all the way through to college, but after graduating a decade ago, I can’t say I’ve starved yet.

In fact, I’m doing a lot better than a lot of college grads these days and the autonomy that comes through homeschooling was the catalyst that’s made my success a reality.

Like my mom, others who homeschool their kids often wonder if they’re making the right choice, if the opportunities will still be there on the back end. I can say from personal experience that they absolutely are.

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Bringing Computer Science to Your Homeschool World

By Chris Yust, Homeschool Programming, Inc.

You no doubt already have the basic subjects covered in your curriculum: Reading, writing, math, history, arts, science, geography, social studies … all of these things have an endless variety of resources available to you! None of them are likely to be that intimidating to teach either; after all, those topics were part of your own fundamental education! But how are you going to handle Computer Science?  Today this critical subject is more important than ever, yet many teachers and homeschool parents are not sure how to get started!
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