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Beacon College – Trailblazing Higher Education for Students with “Learning Disabilities”

by Michael Leppert 105 East Main Street Leesburg, Florida 34748

Admissions Office: Toll Free 855-220-5376; 352-638-9731 or via email at

Veteran homeschoolers are familiar with ignoring the labels placed on children in public schools that hobble the spirit and damage the drive – Learning Disabled, ADHD, Dyslexic, Dysgraphic, ADD, etc. These labels serve the Special Ed. Field well and keep the funds flowing, but are inaccurate and stigmatizing to students and their families.

In the late 1980s, a group of parents of such labeled children founded a college that would serve the needs of the “learning disabled” – the first of its kind in the country — and for 28 years, Beacon College has been awarding four-year degrees to students with a variety of learning challenges, including ADHD.

Beacon College provides an understanding environment for students to learn in. Rather than being reminded of their unique challenges, Beacon’s staff reminds the students of their strengths and abilities. As a result, Beacon boasts a graduation rate of 83.3% and besides the academic syllabus, it offers students a Career Development Program with internships and mentors to make sure that the student knows the best field of professional endeavor for him/her and can enter it from college. Beacon has a high percentage of graduates who obtain employment in their field or continue their education after their undergrad years.

A few of the majors currently offered by Beacon are: Business Management, Computer Information Systems, Information System Track and also Web & Digital Media Track, Liberal Arts & Sciences (Humanities), Psychology and Studio/Fine Arts. During the summer term, Beacon offers a Travel Abroad Program to a wide variety of three-week study excursions throughout Europe, Japan, the Galapagos Islands and even our own Alaska and Hawaii. Study Abroad adds cultural and historical experiences to one’s studies, making for a more well-rounded individual. The website offers a virtual tour and much more information to the prospective student and his/her family.

Beacon College is located in Leesburg, Florida, 50 miles northwest of Orlando, among beautiful lakes and greenery and a variety of on-campus housing choices. Please visit the Beacon website for complete information and to schedule a visit. MjL

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Freshman year was a challenge for Jess. She didn’t quite adjust to the campus culture, climate, or academic expectations. She made a few new friends, but not like those back home. Although she was 900 miles away, no one worried about distance, since she had spent two high school summers studying abroad. Sophomore classes were more challenging still. Navigating campus social life was something for which she had no experience. Her mom had always helped with social questions. Jess called home daily. She was slipping slowly.
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